About Us

At TripAmigos we love to travel. We know that although they bring lots of new amazing experiences, they can also bring some challenges. Many people, like us, prefer to travel by themselves, without the help of various travel agencies. But when you're somewhere remote, you don't know the language, you're feeling lost in the place - it's nice to get some help, from a trustworthy and competent local.

At TripAmigos we help tourists get in touch with local tour guides. Both meet virtually, learn both's expectations and, thanks to us, all feel confident in the trust they put in each other.

At TripAmigos, we believe that a meeting of a tourist with a guide is that of two interesting personalities and that of a riveting inspiration. That is why travelling is, every time, a whole new experience – you see, you discover, you broaden your horizons and you let yourself see the world in a new, revolutionary way.

The world awaits! Let's discover it together!